Does any of this sound like you?

There’s no denying that you’re an incredibly strong and successful woman—a high-income earner who has the potential to create a secure financial future for herself and her family. But you’ve reached a crossroad. You’re at a critical point in your life where you need help redefining success so that you can feel as accomplished, confident, and centered as everyone naturally assumes that you must be.

Financially perhaps you are:

• Making more money than you ever thought you would
• Too busy to take the time to really understand your cash flow
• Not managing your investments or stock options effectively
• Not doing any tax or financial planning
• Afraid that someone will find out that you don’t know what to do sometimes

Personally perhaps you are:

• In a career that you love but finding it hard to balance between you and the job,
• Afraid to say no to your boss or that next career opportunity
• Unsure how to take your “seat at the table”
• Too busy to date or look after your own needs, or
• Worried that you’ll never find the kind of balance you need to be truly happy.

As a partner and mother you are:

• The problem solver who everyone turns to in times of need,
• Dealing with challenging parenting situations
• Having marital problems and  in need of guidance and  reliable counselling 
• A single parent with no extended family that can help;
• The primary income earner or sole support for your family,
• Looking after elderly parents while putting your children through school,
• Carrying a heavy burden of responsibility at home and at work,
• Concerned that you don’t have a life outside of the office and your family, 

I’ve been all of these things at different times in my life and I’d love to help you get on track and find solutions!

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Your wealth management begins with your vision. Start to define your unique vision today.

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~ Henry David Thoreau