The Breadwomen Project of Redefining Success


The Breadwomen Project is about shining a light on an issue that nobody is talking about.   As a society, we simply don’t know how to discuss it and Mrs. Relationship-Challenged CEO doesn’t realize her challenges are shared by others.

The Breadwomen Project is a unique community where both woman and men share their thoughts, ideas and experiences about the changing roles of women and men.  It also provides a forum for my team of experts to introduce themselves to my community.

I invite you to listen in and join the conversation!


#1. “The moment that changed my life forever.” Pamela Johnston

This is a real life love story that doesn’t necessarily have a fairy tale ending. Hear about the moment that inspired the launch of The Breadwomen Project™.

#2. A new era for women with a new set of obstacles.

Dr. Lucille Necas is a psychiatrist who works with female patients on interpersonal relationships, financial stress and self esteem. She talks about women in the workforce and how society is shifting.

#3. The pains of being a female primary breadwinner. 

Do all women innately want to be taken care of, even as a primary breadwinner? Tricia Bennett is a psychotherapist who had a moment of awakening after she dated a man who was “horrifyingly cheap.” Hear about how she learned to let men come into her life, without feeling obligated to financially support them.

#4. Meet our retirement expert!

Donna McCaw is the author of It’s Your Time and specifically deals with people in transition. She explains common “financial holes” people fall into and how to get out of them.

#4. Live for the moment versus planning for the future!

Financial planner, Susan Stefura talks about finding the balance between living for today and taking care of the future.

#7. Overwhelmed by the process of divorce?

The founder of Divorce Matters, Debbie Shawn, shares three things that need to be done immediately after filing for divorce. Debbie runs a thriving organizational practice that pulls all the pieces together for lawyers and life for those struggling through this difficult life transition.

#8. Our experts weigh in on the myths of divorce.

Eva Sachs and Marion Korn of Mutual Solutions break down some of the common misconceptions about divorce. They also provide some tips, like how planning a divorce is like planning a wedding.

#9. How to train your mind. 

Evelyn Chau teaches us how to be in the present and minimize stress. As a metal training and motivating coach she has worked with athletes, business professionals and people who want to train their mindfulness muscle.

#10. When it’s time to get a divorce…from work. (Part 1 of 2)

Heidi Bertram is a corporate fraud detection executive who was extremely successful but ended up being hospitalized by stress. Hear her story about how everything came grinding to a halt.

#11. Who am I without my job title? (Part 2 of 2)

Heidi Bertram was hospitalized because of stress. Find out how she reconnected with inner desires and started putting herself back into the equation.

#12. What Happens When Mr. Right Ain’t Who You Thought He Was?

Sometimes it’s tough to focus on developing a career and a romantic relationship. Kelly is a 40-year-old Breadwoman who found love when she changed one thing. She shares her story in this podcast.

#13. Picking the “right” time to have kids.

Trailblazing journalist, Ann Rauhala, struggled to find the right time to have a child because of her career. She reflects on her work/family balance and offers advice for career driven women in the same situation.

#14. Having the tools to cope.

Guest host Dr. Lucille Necas interviews Pamela Johnston as a follow-up to sharing the moment that changed her life forever. Pamela talks about the aftermath, coping mechanisms and how it inspired her to create The Breadwomen Project.