Let’s Get Serious About Your Money!

Redefining Success offers a number of avenues for you to explore the relationship of your money and your life so that together we can create a more secure financial future for you.

This is a future that you will champion and will allow you to make informed decisions every step of the way because Redefining Success will help find the answers you need.  Any one of these avenues are available to you to explore but we always start with…

The Discovery Session

“The Discovery Session is a hugely valuable session that will bring your great insight about your current financial situation and help you set some next steps.  No one will go away without out learning something of value!”

The Discovery Session is a complimentary discussion regarding your investment, personal life strategies and aspirations.  This exercise has the potential to transform your thinking about what steps you should take to achieve your goals and objectives and redefine your financial success.   Moving forward, the Discovery Session forms the basis for our future work together based on the Vision Statement and agreed upon goals and objectives.   Learn more about the Discovery Session here.

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Down and Dirty Financial Plan 

Based on the outcome of the Discovery Session,   Redefining Success will refer you to our Financial Planning Team to develop your well-considered Financial Plan.  Together we create a Financial Plan that captures where you are today and where you are likely to be in the future based the current facts as we know them

The package can include coaching sessions in the preparation, execution and monitoring of a Spending Plan if the Financial Planning Sessions indicate.

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Down and Dirty Workshops

Our Retirement Readiness and Estate Planning Workshop are not like other Retirement workshops.  I’m not going to stand up there and babble away about what you need to have and what government pension funds are going to give you.  I’m not going to scare you into coming to see me to figure it out for you.  And I am absolutely not going to bring in a mutual fund sales person or investment management firm to try make a pitch for your investment dollars.

In the Retirement Readiness workshop you (or you and your spouse/partner) do all the work.  This workshop is for singles and couples. Our Estate Planning and How to Be An Executor bring you and your family together to discover your unique path forward as a family on the journey of the last third of your life.

I have organized everything in advance for you so that you WILL come away with a very good idea of what you have, what you need/want to have, what kind of a future you are looking for and what steps you’re going to take to get there.

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