What is discretionary money management?
Essentially, it means that you authorize an investment manager to manage your portfolio for you. While that manager doesn’t have to consult you before every buy and sell opportunity, they do have to work within the predetermined limits you’ve agreed upon to achieve your investment objectives.

Discretionary accounts are excellent for:

  • Those who prefer to have a trusted and experienced professional make investment decisions for them,
  • Individuals who are interested in the big picture but not day-to-day money management, and
  • Lawyers, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, retail investors, and professionals who are too busy to attend to daily financial investment matters.

Redefining Success limits the number of households we are working with in order to understand your needs and provide the most professional service we can.

At Redefining Success we will work with you to determine the best investment strategy based on your personal situation, risk tolerance, and long-term objectives.

Each of our investment strategies strives to maximize investment returns and tax savings. While each strategy differs, they share a common discipline, management, and strategic investment focus that is monitored and proactively managed on a daily basis.

Redefining Success wants to work with the successful middle class couple or individual who is looking to partner with a team of professionals to help move forward to  greater financial and emotional security.   Please don’t think that you don’t “have enough” to work with us!    We are excited to work with people who are invested in creating more fulfillment in their lives.  Our success  comes from helping clients tackle the challenges they face financially and personally by providing investment support and life management guidance that encourages them to take charge of their destiny  Our clients often achieve goals in ways they never thought possible.   Redefining Success provides a “safe space” to launch a journey of discovery.

Payment for our investment management services is a flat fee based on an annual percentage of the assets under administration. We are active asset management portfolio managers using a mixture of equities, mutual fundsand fixed income/alternatives.

We do not manage commission-based accounts unless the investments will be passively managed. Passive management means that there is very little turnover in the accounts, and any commissions generated are usually amortized over a number of years.

Managed Accounts
Your wealth management begins with Your Vision. Start to define your unique Vision today. Sign up now for your complimentary Discovery Session.

How it Works

  • Analyze your investment needs
    Together, we complete a detailed questionnaire that clarifies and focuses your investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and return expectations. With this information, we can develop your personal investment profile, determine an appropriate asset allocation strategy, and investment diversification that’s right for you.
  • Determine strategic asset allocations
    This profile becomes your personal Statement of Investment Policy that details your asset allocation strategy and defines your investment needs.
  • Choose your own portfolio strategy
    We will help you choose the right combination of investment managers for your portfolio to achieve your overall wealth management goals.
  • Benefit from consistent portfolio monitoring
    Regular monitoring and reporting is performed by Echelon Wealth Partners, and an independent third-party investment consulting firm. This lifts the management and administration responsibilities from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other important matters in your life.