The Echelon Wealth Partners Program gives you and your Financial Advisor access to the best investment minds in the business – Institutional-quality managers who individually manage Peak Portfolio Program accounts based on your investment preference and risk and return expectations. It’s a personalized professional investment management program designed for investors with more sophisticated investment needs.

How it Works

  • Analyze your investment needs
    You and your Echelon Wealth Partners Advisor complete a detailed questionnaire that clarifies and focuses your investment objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and return expectations. With this information, your Financial Advisor can develop your personal investment profile and determine an appropriate asset allocation strategy and investment diversification that’s right for you.
  • Determine strategic asset allocations
    This profile becomes your personal Statement of Investment Policy that details your asset allocation strategy and defines your investment needs.
  • Choose your investment manager
    You choose the right combination of investment managers for your portfolio to achieve your overall wealth management goals.
  • Benefit from consistent portfolio monitoring
    Regular monitoring and reporting by the Echelon Wealth Partners and an independent, third-party investment consulting firm lifts the management and administration responsibilities from your shoulders as we work on your behalf.