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If so, you’re missing out on a wealth of experience and advice.

Redefining Success is a unique wealth management practice created over my 33 year career in the investment industry as an advisor and, since 1997, as a Portfolio Manager. One look at my website will tell you that you are in another world.

The bank owned brokerage firms are doing what banks do best. They are taking your assets and applying one brush.   There is little opportunity for independent thinking or for thinking outside the box. There is minimal opportunity for you to be introduced to dynamic, leading-edge, third-party professionals who will help you navigate the difficult issues that arise in the normal course of life.

When you deal with me at Dundee Goodman Private Wealth, you get the benefit of 33 years of investments experience applied to your investment portfolio using strategies, tool and products unfettered by the regulated bank environment.

Beyond my extensive experience managing investment portfolios, you get years of experience as a career women, wife, and single mother to two young men. I learned along the way to rely on objective third party professionals to help me gain a balanced approach to the challenges I faced in high stress situations. I have created an extensive network of professionals to draw upon to solve your particular problems. This type of access to objective third party resources is usually not available at bank owned brokerage firms.

You get independent thinking. The insurance and estate planning resources within a bank are profit centers. In the independent world of Dundee Goodman Private Wealth, I am happy to be able to encourage my clients to take advantage of my third-party referral network to ensure that you are guided by objective advice on the sensitive matters of insurance, wills and estate planning.

At a bank owned firm, you may be one of hundreds of clients working with your advisor. Chances are you’re not going to have the opportunity to speak directly to your advisor. Most likely you will be speaking to their assistant or dealing with bank staff at the branch level.

At Redefining Success you get quarterly portfolio valuations. We encourage you to speak with us every quarter. Frequently clients don’t feel they need to talk to their advisor when times are good, but it is extremely important to stay in contact with your advisor on a regular basis so you are aware of their opinion about what’s ahead in the financial marketplace. I have always kept my client base to fewer than 100 so I can have a very personal relationship with all my clients.

I attend and host many events which you will be informed and invited to attend. When I attend networking events, I am always looking for strategic alliances and professionals that I can call upon to assist my clients as new issues come into their lives to be solved. The events that I host are often entertaining and/or educational. There is no obligation. Should we sit down, during my Discovery Session I can get an understanding of who you are and how I may be of assistance to you.

I offer the unique discovery session which combines understanding your investment portfolio as well as the other things that are important in managing your life. Managing the challenges in your life as they come along is almost as important as the year to year rate of return in your investment portfolio – often life decisions have a bigger effect on your financial security. The two go hand-in-hand.

I am here to help you.


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Pamela Johnston, FCSI
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