You are the expert in your life – I, my team and the consultants attached to Redefining Success are experts in our areas, and all available to you. We are here to help you move through an iterative process of discovery that will move you towards the goals that you have defined.

•    1. Initial information meeting and agreement in principle to go ahead
•    2. Request for documents, statements, and information from the client for the Vision Meeting
•    3. Discovery Session: “Begin with the end in mind” Where do you want to go?
•    4. Follow up meeting: Did we hear you correctly?
•    5. Organize and Prioritize: One Step at a Time – where do we begin the journey?
•    6. Introduction of Consultants as required
•    7. Monitor and Adjust: Are we on Track?
•    We will use a Road Map as our guide – a roadmap that will shift as we move through the process.

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Let’s talk! See how we fit? Can I help you? Manage your investments as well as the other important issue that your facing?