The services provided by Redefining Success are also appropriate for men and for couples. Everything mentioned on our website pertains equally well to the successful man and or the successful couple.

Since I happen to be a successful woman, it is natural that my primary target market is other successful women. But, equally strong are the understanding and shared concerns I have around the issues facing the male breadwinner and the changing roles of men, and of couples, in our society.

Whether at home or at work, men today are challenged by rapidly changing roles and societal pressures. Many successful corporate men long to “trade in” the responsibilities of their current career trajectory to pursue their passionate interests. Just as women face the demands of balancing their successful careers and personal lives, successful men are particularly challenged when opting for a passion-guided life rather than a customary “corporate ladder of success.”

Whether you are a single male or a couple, you will find trusted advice in my Redefining Success team. Your needs and challenges are every bit as important to us as those facing women, and we invite you to let us help you redefine your success!